Metropolitan Opera and Other Gala Theaters of the World at Salzburg Festival

Metropolitan Opera of New York.

One of the best known meeting places for opera enthusiasts from all over the world is Salzburg Festival – an extraordinary European event that unites different schools, different interpretations and, for sure, the most prominent opera theaters. Not only European gala stars are presented here – for example, one of the best awaited guests of the program is Metropolitan Opera of New York. It’s an excellent and unique opportunity for European theater-goers to get acquainted with American musical culture and unique American approach to classical European masterpieces. This is like new fresh wind in old-fashioned and well-mannered German concert halls.

So, what is the main attraction of the event, organized this way? First, we must admit, that the most significant stars of the stage, the best singers are expected to be present. This is already a good reason to go to Salzburg this summer even if you didn’t plan this trip before. It is a festive all-star show and an excellent opportunity to catch all the celebrities at a time. For sure, the best arias of the season will be performed, and there’s no chance to spoil the show.

Serious approach to classical heritage and a lot of respect for the tradition are also meaningful. The organizers of the event are very careful, which means that one of their aims is to hold on the prestige of the festival. That’s why the program always must be brilliant and always must contain indisputable masterpieces. So, in some sense Salzburg Festival is a kind of lottery when you can never lose. Whatever is prepared for us this time, it definitely worthies being seen. We call it “seen” because the quality of the show, including costumes and decoration, is expected to be excellent as well.

What do we lack if presence of the world’s brightest stars is guaranteed and the perfection of the classical show is beyond any doubt? In this situation the only thing we might ask for is some innovation. We need freshness that would make classical art actually living and well-known librettos exciting, living and up-to-date.

That is exactly what the Festival in Salzburg is famous for. New interpretations of the classics and new outstanding spectacles are always welcome here. We have already mentioned Metropolitan Opera for they also contribute to this process of renovation. In fact, the best artists of the world are getting together in Salzburg in order to create new young opera for all of us.

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